Drone Cup 2016 – Geneva

Drone Cup: the first indoor drone race happening at the Arena in Geneva, Switzerland. On a futurist circuit, discover the drones as never seen before! Thirty drones, a dozen of qualifying races, finals between the best FPV pilots and a speed reaching 100km/hour… all of this for an amazing show! Then, take a walk through the booths, get initiated to remote control piloting, participate to the remote car race or just take a break and enjoy the food trucks.

Save the date on September 3rd & 4th, 2016!

The race

Enter the rotor aces arena

The Drone Cup gathers 32 pilots during 4 stages streamed in live on a giant screen. From the 8th finals to the ultimate race, only the speed and timer count. In each race, 4 FPV pilots fight during 5 critical minutes to access the next stage. On a multi level & 3D circuit, drones will pass through deadly checkpoint on the air and at ground level with a speed reaching 100km/h! Enjoy the breathtaking show of the talented pilots.


Saturday, September 3rd 2016 :

During the first day, the first elimination matches are taking place. 32 FPV pilots will race to win their place for the second day and only 16 will be qualified for the next stages of the Drone Cup.

In between the FPV races, the public will be able to enjoy extraordinary demonstrations, animation stands and follow our flight initiations and drone mini-games with our staff.

Sunday, September 4th 2016 :

The day will begin at 1 PM with the quarter-finals, which will start the final round of the Drone Cup. At the end of the day, the final race will determine the winner out of the four final pilots.


You were born for competition and know how to pilot a drone?

Register to the drone race by sending an email to info@dronecup.ch


How do I buy tickets for the Drone Cup 2016?

1) From June, 1st on this website
2) During the manifestation at the official point of sale.

More information about this event will pop up in near future.
Hope to see you soon  for the first indoor drone race in Switzerland!

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